19 May 2006

Sita Sings the Blues

So, you're a cartoonist/animator and your husband dumps you via email from half a world away. You're feeling rotten. You've also been reading the epic Indian poetry of The Ramayana and going to hear old, torchy Blues singing in a New York nightclub. So what do you do ?

If you're Nina Paley, you create a charming animation of the story from the perspective of a Blues-singing Princess Sita! :)

[via boingboing]

16 May 2006

Freeware Utilities Aggregation Site

Now this site is useful! A list of 450+ freeware utilities to solve common PC problems. Not perfect - they're missing some of my favorites (like the Vim editor), and it's completely Windows-centric. Still worth bookmarking, tho'.

[via Chaos Manor]