13 July 2007

What a Blog Isn't

The internet is a megaphone. It can amplify a voice, and reach across a country. It can unite those who are apart, and incidentally, make a group seem much larger. It can forge new connections that never would occur otherwise, share information, and facilitate strategy.

But it cannot wipe a tear, or make you dinner, or speak in a quiet voice outside in the moonlight. It cannot see a wry shrug, or hear a laugh, or feel a brief silent touch of support on your shoulder. It does not notice your frown, or sense your discomfort. It can't tell when you just want to be together in companionable silence, when you are hungry, when you are lonely.

Certainly, share knowledge and ideas by the internet. But don't forget those ideas are about and affect real people. You will not change minds with a megaphone. You will change them face to face, with human witness.

--- commenter "IT" on Fr. Jake's blog



Jan said...

Thanks for the words from Fr. Jake about the internet--wise word, esp. after the uproar about right/left, good/bad/ God/evil, etc. I also appreciate your comment to my comment elsewhere about the Episcopal Church.

pj said...

Doesn't she write gorgeously? IT is one of my favorite commenters.