24 August 2007

Mommy, this water burns!

Johnny was a chemist's son,

But Johnny is no more.

What Johnny thought was H20

was H2SO4.

It's also available as a t-shirt. And yes, I am a geek - thank you very much ;)


Jan said...

My husband, who has a PhD. in organic chemistry, needs this shirt! Thanks!

pj said...

You really are! :)

Wormwood's Doxy said...

I confess I had to Google it, but id *did* make me laugh!

BooCat said...

David, Shades of my youth. My mother was an editor in the Chemical Engineering Department at TVA and was full of Little Johnny poems. My favorite was:

Johnny feeling life a bore drank some h2so4,
Johnny’s father, an M.D., gave him caco3,
Johnny’s neutralized, it’s true,
But he’s full of co2.