05 September 2007

Bad Armadillo...Bad

I've just approved about 30+ comments for my blog which have been hanging fire since Aug. Sorry for the wait, but I plead time-crunched insanity as we both moved and went on vacation that month.

My email inbox is so clogged I may never catch up :/

But I promise to try & keep up with it better now... Mea culpa, mea maxima nissan stanza. (shamelessly nicked from the Rev. Eliz. Kaeton)


David said...

Ahhh...found the problem. GMail has, all of the sudden, been sorting the "you have a comment to moderate" msgs into the Spam folder.

Bad Google! No cookie!

Jan said...

LOL!--But this is probably too short to be counted as worth you looking at--sorry.