07 April 2008

Give It 4 Good

"Because I take seriously Christ's admonition that 'where your treasure is, there will your heart be also' (Matt. 6:31), and

"Because I believe reaching out in compassion to the extreme poor around the world is more important than propping up an economy based on unsustainable consumption.

"I am donating all or part of my 2008 tax rebate/economic stimulus check to not-for-profit organizations that support the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

"Instead of spending it, I am Giving It For Good."

My check's going to Episcopal Relief and Development, how 'bout you ?

[via Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation]


Wormwood's Doxy said...

10% to ERD. 90% back to Uncle Sam. Sigh.

I keep telling my boss that, as a Federal contractor, it makes no sense for me to have to give money back to them at the end of the year. He's sympathetic, but... ;-)

pj said...

When Bush did this the first time, I donated my share to Planned Parenthood.

This time I may have no choice but to donate it to my grad school. :(