20 August 2008

QotD for 20 Aug., 2008

New occasions teach new duties,
Time makes ancient good uncouth;
They must upward still and onward
Who would keep abreast of truth.

--- James Russell Lowell, Hymn 519 in the 1940 Episcopal Church Hymnal

From back in the days of 1940. When, uh... hippies, feminists, gay rights activists, and other radical reappraisers ruled The Episcopal Church, right ? ;)

[tip 'o the hat to Allen Mellen for the reference]


pj said...

Hey, watch your language. :p

David said...

Perhaps I should have surrounded my comments with the HTML [sarcasm] tag ? :D

Or maybe you meant the phrase "abreast of truth" in the hymn ? I can't help it - I don't like falsies ;->