16 January 2009

Parker in the Wilderness

Kathleen Parker, one of the only halfway decent writers the Republicans had, has been cast into the outer darkness. Yes, she's lost her position at the National Review, to wander "the wilderness in rags and swaddling cloths, lamenting the loss of her soul and shaking her chains like Jacob Marley." [Wonkette]

Parker was one of the only conservative writers I thought had a decent handle on one of the main issues which caused the Republican implosion during the 2008 election. So of course it's no surprise that the conservatives expelled her. Hey, the truth hurts!

Luckily, you can still read Parker in the Washington Post.


barrettmanor said...

That's too bad.

FranIAm said...

I used to loathe her but I must say she really changed her tone.

However, as we see - as that tone continued to change, she lost her footing with a certain type of conservative.

Which speaks volumes.

And is clearly evident with what you posted about Limbaugh in your other post.