29 May 2007

Cognitive Hazard Zone!

Being a reader of various religious and political blogs, I'm often drawn back to resources like the Logical Fallacies pages on Wikipedia for references to refute the distressingly poor quality of argumentation I encounter.

I've now found a new favorite - 26 Reasons What You Think is Right is Wrong. Which, besides being quite readable and entertaining, has the coolest warning sign ever ;)

[via By the Way]


Grandmère Mimi said...

David, I went to a Jesuit university, where I had to take six semesters of philosophy. The courses included logic. Some of the lame and fallacious arguments that I see today drive me up the wall.

The philosophy course were heavily slanted toward the Catholic view - Scholasticism - but, at least I learned how to think more or less rationally and logically.

I haven't check your "26 reasons" yet, but I will.

Eileen said...

David - I was able to point a particularly obnoxious poster to these reasons.

It thrilled me to be able to do so.


Dennis said...

Tag. You're it.