06 December 2007

The Great 2007 OCICBW Christmas Appeal

The Mad Priest over at Of Course I Could be Wrong and That Kaeton Woman have gotten together to help support a very worthy cause this Advent season.

Fellow blogger and seminarian from Rio De Janeiro, Luis Coelho, has for past year, worked on placement at Christ the King Anglican Church in the Cidade de Deus (City of God), one of the most (in)famous, impoverished, and dangerous neighborhoods in the world. Luiz writes:
We intend to be a place where all are welcome to be free, especially in the Cidade de Deus (City of God) neighborhood, where poverty, violence and hunger are so well-known. And in order to live this Gospel of liberation and reconciliation of the entire world through Christ Jesus, we also seek to integrate the Church with society, through several social projects. Our mission is bold: to say that Christ is the King is to say that love has the last word in the midst of this world of calamities. However, we are sure that, with Him, we are victorious.

Thanks to some folks at St. Paul's, Chatham, there's a way to donate funds to Christ the King with no administrative costs, other than the cost of transferring the money. Simply click on:

to make a donation via Paypal. Or send a check made payable to "The Episcopal Church of St. Paul" to:

c/o The Reverend Elizabeth Kaeton
The Episcopal Church of St. Paul
200 Main Street
Chatham, NJ 07928

Please write "City Of God Appeal" on the memo line.

We may not be able to bring the Christ Child gifts at the manger, but we help some of the poorest kids in Rio get a decent meal from the church kitchen, or to receive just one present on Christmas Day. And all for the cost of a weekly Starbuck's habit, or a few dinners out...

UPDATE: There's a letter about this from Luiz over on Fr. Jake's. Go thou, and read.


pj said...

Dude, I already donated, so I'm just using this space to say "hi!"

Crazy busy here, and it's snowing! Noooooo!!!!

Hope all is well in Knowledge Box Land.

David said...

Things are hectic, but OK ;) Gotten colder, but the ice storms have stayed away from the immediate D/FW area, thank goodness!