16 December 2008

IE Users Should Switch

The Times of London reports Internet Explorer users warned to change browser over security fears:
Microsoft admitted today that a serious flaw in security has left all users of Internet Explorer, the default web browser for most people, vulnerable to attack from hackers.

The loophole allows criminals to commandeer victims’ computers by tricking them into visiting tainted websites that steal passwords. Computer users are advised to switch to an alternative internet browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome, to be certain to avoid hackers who have so far corrupted an estimated 10,000 websites.

Here are the links to the Firefox and Opera web browsers. Microsoft has also has a security advisory on TechNet if you're, you know...insane enough to stick with their products...

Or for sweet heaven's sake, dump all this nonsense once and for all, and get a Mac :)

UPDATE: Microsoft issues a temporary fix.


barrettmanor said...

I use Firefox. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have been seeeeeeeeeeeeeriously tempted to get a Mac. But I do know someone who is a Mac user almost exclusively, and she has compatibility issues with, well, everything else out there. :sigh: I don't know if I want to go through all that.

So I downloaded the update and installed it. We'll see how things go.

The only other browser I really like besides IE is Safari.

David said...


The compatibility issues shouldn't be as hard as all that. Heck, worse comes to worse, there are two, different ways to run Windows itself on Apple hardware - both of which are supported by Apple.

See Apple's Get a Mac page, or the truly excellent David Pogue book, Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual (Leopard Edition).