08 December 2008

Good Manners on the Inter-tubes

Scalzi reminds us of a key bit of netiquette in The “Bcc:” Field is Your Friend.

I was reminded of this a short while ago when I received an email from a blogging friend with a CC: field chock-full of addrs for other folks - among them another blogger who hadn't chosen to share her email addr with me (not that I'd asked, it's just never come up).

So make Ms. Manners proud and go read dat :)


Anonymous said...

And forward that link to all your friends.

On BCC, of course...

barrettmanor said...

The other day I had a note from a self-pubbed writer who was looking for representation. The writer spammed about 100 people - all in the TO field. Oops.

David said...


Yeah, I saw that entry. Oops! Errr..."career limiting move," eh ?