04 January 2008

QotD for 4 Jan., 2008

I will not vote for Ron Paul under any circumstances. Sorry. The fact that I might agree with him on one or two things doesn't mean I'm keen to have an abortion-banning white supremacist alternative-medicine quack in office. --- Rusty Foster, founder of Kuro5hin


Doorman-Priest said...

That's nice and clear, then.

David said...

Mind you, some of my Libertarian friends seem to have blinders on about Ron Paul.

Ron Paul, when you examine his stances on various political issues, is not a Libertarian. He's a socially conservative, sort-of old school Republican who holds a few Libertarian ideals.

Heck, I hold a few Libertarian ideals myself - doesn't make me a Libertarian, tho'. (if you're wondering, it makes me a socially very liberal, fiscally conservative, prefers a small, unobtrusive gov't whatchamacallit ;)

eileen said...

Tag You're It!

Don't blame me...blame Jarred!