23 June 2008

This is "Orthodoxy" ?!

In a discussion thread over on the Thinking Anglicans website about the ongoing GAFCON conf., commenter Ford Elms sums the whole "orthodox" Anglican mess up quite nicely:
Would anyone care to explain to me how Scripture as the sole authority in the Church, the Real Absence, denial of Baptismal regeneration, Subordination of the Son to the Father in the Trinity, PSA as the main, if not only, understanding of the Atonement, and any of the other heterodox ideas taught by people like Jensen, can be called in any way, shape, or form "orthodoxy"? Seriously. They keep referring to "the faith once and for all delivered to the saints" while practicing a form of Christianity that would be utterly unrecognizable as Christianity to anyone born more than 600 years ago. Whether or not it represents a better discernment of the will of God for His people is immaterial. It could well be right, but how in the name of God can it be called "orthodox"? --- Ford Elms

"How ?" indeed...

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