09 June 2008

Unexpected Benefits of Train Travel

Nine Unexpected Benefits of Trains is up over on the ecogeek blog, and it's an interesting read. No nagging! Legroom! Seats that actually recline! and...
If you want to pee, go pee.. There’s never a time on a train when you can’t stand up and do whatever you want. And that includes having a nice lunch in the dining car, which is what I’m going to go do now.

I really enjoyed a train trip my (then soon-to-be) wife and I took from Chicago to Dallas years ago, though certainly a plane ride would've been much faster. But for trips under, say, 250 miles or so, it looks like you won't loose anything but aggravation.

Maybe those proposed high-speed rail lines along the Trans-Texas Corridor are an even better idea than I thought.


FranIAm said...

I love train travel and have always been sad that this country never had a real appreciation for it.

That may have to change now - late yes, but welcomed.

To get up and go to the restroom, eat a lovely lunch, watch the world roll by, snooze with the ambling of the train... Oh lovely lovely lovely.

When I moved back to NY from Cali, I so wanted to take the train back, but the demon of time stood in my way.

Deep sigh.

David said...

That trip I mentioned from Chicago to Dallas was an overnight of course. We had the smallest private room - two big, comfy reclining seats facing each other which made up into bunk beds at night. That stuff they tell you about being rocked to sleep is true :)

And blueberry pancakes for breakfast in the dining car. Yum!