30 November 2008

QotD for 30 Nov., 2008

Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right. ---Isaac Asimov, in The Foundation Trilogy


Anonymous said...

Hey there David

But here's my question...I hope I describe this well...

If one doesn't have to be this specific thing that is sometimes given the label "Christian" then why not just be something else, like a pagan or whatever?

Is the nature of Christ a specific Jewish rabbi who lived in first century Palestine, or is the Christ any vehicle of Divine grace, even if that vehicle takes the form of the wild green woods and the sunrise on the solstice and a walk on the seashore, etc?

What do you think?

Tracie the Red

David said...

Indeed...why not ? One reason I'm Episcopalian is that, quite frankly, it enables me to approach the Divine in a way that is culturally relevant to me (as a product of Western Culture).

For me, the second person of the Trinity is more in the "divine vehicle" mode, not of the "worship a specific, 1st cent. Jewish rabbi" kind.

Anonymous said...

You give me pause to think, David.