28 October 2008

Early Voting

In the spirit of Grandmère Mimi's earlier post, I wanted to announce that I've voted, too. Early voting in Texas extends to the end of this week (up until four days before the general election), and the polls open at 7 AM. You don't even have to go to the normal polling place for your precinct. I voted at Christ United Methodist Church at Coit & Parker in Plano, and they made it very easy. Plenty of space, lots of voting machines, and no lines at all - recommended!

And casting my vote for Senators Obama and Biden made me feel better about a Presidential election than I have in a long time. Also voted the Democratic ticket for U.S. Senator with Rick Noriega, and for U.S. Representative with Tom Daley. Both are up against Republican incumbents who, inexplicably, enjoy great popularity in this part of the state. I hope Republican Senator Cornyn is vulnerable this election, but who knows. Sadly, I suspect Daley will have a harder time against Sam Johnson for Texas' Third District.

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FranIAm said...

Just spoke to a friend who lives in Big D and voted yesterday.

You guys are lucky- I must wait. Polls open at 6am on Tuesday. I plan on arriving at 5.30.

I have never been this enthused and hopeful about a presidential election- and I have been voting in them since 1980.