10 October 2008

Ignorance is Bliss ?

The things that has always alarmed me most about the right wing Republican/conservative/FOX News-watching types is how they wear their own IGNORANCE as a badge of honor! I can't get my head around the notion of how unashamed they are of their own ignorance. It used to be that abject stupidity was something to be embarrassed about. Is it somehow now HIP these days to be a total dumbass? Did I miss the memo?

It's even worse when Republican politicians stoop to cultivate the least intelligent amongst us. Why is it that the Republican party seems to consist solely of the top 5% of America's wealth holders and the lower third of the IQ spectrum with NO ONE in between?
---Richard Metzger, on BoingBoing in If It Walks Like A Duck...

A bit over the top ? Sure. I know Republicans who aren't wealthy and have IQs above room temperature. But the oh-so courted and endlessly discussed "base" ? That pretty much nails it.

Click thru the link above. Or heck, just watch CNN like I did this morning. And if you're not a bit scared by what that implies, then you're not paying attention. I mean...we're about to try & choose the next president based upon the levels of ignorance, animosity, and flat-out hatred you see ?

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FranIAm said...

That video is very upsetting - VERY upsetting.

What have we become? I say we because we are all implicated in some way. We are all connected. It upsets me but it is how I see it.

And in nearby Troy NY, absentee ballots went out so that people can vote for John McCain or Barack O.... well you can just guess, if you take out the "b" and put in an "s."

I kid you not.