28 October 2008

Supporter Shouts the 'N' Word, Palin Ignores It

I knew this was gonna get caught on video at some point, given the character of the Republican Party's base...

Palin hears rally attendee call Obama "n-word" during speech, keeps on truckin'

Anyone surprised that she didn't stop and say anything ? Well ? Anyone ?

:: crickets ::


Leonardo Ricardo said...

No, who would be surprised except the former Republicans who allowed, and solicited the votes from this element of bigots in American Society...they can dress them up, take off their hoods, but there is no place for them to hide!

FranIAm said...

I want to scream at her - "then keep government out of wombs and weddings you witch!"

I am sickened.

David G. said...

White Trash concealing themselves behind a Republican mask.