13 October 2008

QotD for 13 Oct., 2008

The fact that you oppose abortion doesn’t necessarily mean that you are pro-life. You can be anti-abortion and still be killing people by the millions through war, through poverty, and so on. ---Archbishop John Onaiyekan of Abuja, Nigeria, in the National Catholic Reporter

[tip o' the biretta to the Mad Priest]


stephy said...

I like this quote.
You live in North Texas? I'm from Wichita Balls, I mean, Wichita Falls!

David said...

Hey, Stephy. Yep, my family and I live in the D/FW suburbs. And my wife mostly grew up in Iowa Park - so I'm pretty familiar with the Wichita Falls area :)

BTW, Stuff Christian Culture Likes is fantastic! Good show!