06 October 2008

QotD for 6 Oct., 2008

So, although I strongly believe in the maximum possible freedom, I also believe in community and in responsibility to that community. Not only is no man an island, but no man is self-made. Some people are just good at forgetting all the people who helped them get where they are. ---Charley Reese, former conservative columnist for the Orlando Sentinel, on why he's not a Libertarian.


Graham Glass said...

Hi David,

Libertarianism is not at odds with charity and community involvement. Indeed, Libertarians recognize charity as the preferred way for people with means to help people in need.


David said...

Well, yeah - theoretically ;) But how do normal, avg. humans actually behave in the Real World® ? Taken too far, methinks you'd have individuals in a cold, heartless "every man for himself" anarchy, immersed in rampant corporatism. Not somewhere I'd want to live.

Now I'm not "anti-Libertarian," either. I simply see it as a part of a multi-dimensional, socio-political space. And I think moving towards "Libertarian" to a degree would be productive & positive for society.