03 November 2008

The Conservative Freak Show

I've been wondering when the (somewhat) thinking part of the Republican Party would start to distance themselves from the 'conservative' freak show that is their so-called 'base'. And nowhere is this gobsmackingly ignorant nonsense in fuller bloom than in rural America.

Witness the essay One conservative's case for Barack Obama. Fair warning: this is a full-on screed packed with bad language and a worse attitude. And no, it doesn't represent the views of this blog's author. But it is interesting in that it handily illustrates the cracks that are bound to appear in conservative politics if Obama is elected President and the Congressional elections become a rout for the Republicans.

For a more thoughtful, readable, and vastly more sympathetic, look at conservatism in rural America, see Joe Bageant's excellent Deer Hunting with Jesus: Dispatches from America's Class War.

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pj said...

McCain's conceding right now, friend!