05 November 2008

The High Road

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see LOLPolitics pictures


stephy said...

Love this. And also, your comment at my blog made my, I don't know, my year. Thank you so so much for the kind word!
I have been discouraged lately and had a rough session in therapy tonight and it meant a lot to get your kind comment.
nub, steph

David said...


You're more than welcome! I am continually amazed at how well you deal with some of the folks who comment on that blog. You show much more patience and decency than I could probably muster ;)

Anonymous said...

It should be my new blog. You can bookmark it.

stephy said...

yeah, initially my blood pressure rises and I think "what a fucking douchebag." So I don't type anything then but I'll indulge those thoughts (part of my postchristian-ness, letting myself feel my ugly feelings). I think that a lot of my anger is at my former self, when *I* would have written whatever douchey thing they said. So with that I also I think I have a bit of compassion on them too (but not a whole lot).
Thank Jesus in the sky that some people (usually complete strangers) come to my rescue for me, like in that fall festival post.
But yeah...thanks for reading it! If you have any Christian culture ideas that should be written about, let me know!

David said...

You know, the thing is that I'm a cradle Episcopalian and so have lived pretty removed from that sort of "Christian Culture." Well, OK, except that I grew up in Texas where one can't avoid it altogether. Of course, I also married into a family of Baptists from up near Wichita Falls :D

If you wanted to list "Things Episcopalians Like," you'd have to have two, main kinds of entries. For the older folks, it would be Things Rich, White, Conservatives Like, while 'Piskies my age and younger really fall into the same intellectual, well-off, Liberal group as Stuff White People Like.

But you know ? You may have given me an idea for a future blog post... ;)

David said...

And know ye all that Stephy is officially awarded the honor of Good Person® by this blog. From this moment forward, she has not only permission, but encouragement, to use phrases like "fucking douchebag" here whenever she deems it appropriate, necessary, or just plain-ass feels like it.

In this honor, she joins other, illustrious company like the Mad Priest, Fran, PJ, Tracie the Red, Eileen, and the singular Grandmère Mimi.


stephy said...

*sniff* I daresay I'm moved to tears!

Anonymous said...

Hold on, how did I miss this??

You mean...I count too?!


David, one of these days you'll figure out that I'm not worth it.

I don't know why, but I think I am having an "I need a hug" moment.

David said...

Awww...hey. Anytime, dear heart :)