10 November 2008

Who's Left for the GOP ?

The post-Bush-Rove Republican Party is in the minority because it has driven away women, the young, suburbanites, black Americans, Latino-Americans, Asian-Americans, educated Americans, gay Americans and, increasingly, working-class Americans. Who’s left? The only states where the G.O.P. increased its percentage of the presidential vote relative to the Democrats were West Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana and Arkansas. Even the North Carolina county where Palin expressed her delight at being in the “real America” went for Obama by more than 18 percentage points. ---Frank Rich, It Still Felt Good the Morning After, in the New York Times

With the Republicans alienating so many different groups of Americans, who's really left for them ? Will they find the courage to dump their cherished base of social conservatives and evangelical right-wingers to appeal to regular, centrist-leaning voters ? Or will they succumb to the nattering of their fringe and become the minority party of the Limbaugh / Hannity / Dobson wingnut crowd ?

[thanks to PJ for the link to Rich's article]


Wormwood's Doxy said...

I weep for the state of my birth (TN) and for the state where I spent so many happy hours in the mountains growing up (AR)---but I rest happy in the knowledge that my ground campaign in NC helped turn my adopted state blue. :-)


stephy said...

I feel like Doxy - sad for Arkansas where I grew up and Texas where I lived later. But I sure am entertained by Sean Hannity, I spent all morning watching youtube clips of him. He seems like less of a threat and more entertaining now.

barrettmanor said...

Hey, thanks for visiting the Manor!

Most (not all, though) Republicans I know are starting to back away from the far-right fringe.

David said...

You're welcome ;) It was cool to see a fellow Planonian over at Scalzi's.

And in our neighbourhood, while it went Republican at least 2-to-1, there are very few folks I'd describe as truly fringe types.