26 September 2008

Leadership! That's What It Is!

Some quotes from around the blogosphere about Sen. McCain's decision to "suspend" his campaign (except for those anti-Obama attack ads that continue to run, and his interview with Katie Couric at the same time he was telling Letterman he was unavailable, and the speech he gave this morning at some conference in NYC, and...) and to get out of the scheduled debate this evening:
To suggest that McCain’s decision to come to Washington affected that to any extent is to suggest that because someone chooses to walk in front of a parade already assembled, they are thereby leading it. --- John Scalzi

McCain reminds me of Dilbert’s boss–he’s not needed to fix the problem, it’s not his job to fix the problem, and he has no idea how to fix the problem. Nonetheless, he’s going elbow his way in there and spray Leadership all over it. --- "EarBucket"

Because, you know, the other 98 senators and 435 representatives can’t do anything on their own; they need McCain and Obama to drop everything and run back to Washington to lead them out of the wilderness. If I were a senator or representative, I’d be insulted by McCain’s implication...What, they don’t have telephones in the McCain campaign? --- DG Lewis

Brave Sir Robin ran away — bravely ran away, away… --- "John H."


Can Bass 1 said...

The man should get back to making oven chips in Scarborough!

David said...

In case any American readers are confused by the comment above, check this out ;)