09 September 2008

The Loving Mallet of Correction

Scalzi applies the Loving Mallet of Correction to some of the more hysterical Democrats who're freakin' out over Sarah Palin and the post-convention bounce in the polls for the GOP:
Take a nice, deep cleansing breath, center yourself, have some tea, and get a g*ddamn grip. It’s going to be a long two months and if you’re all going off the rails at the slightest hint that this election is not, in fact, a pro forma coronation, it’s going to be even longer still. And you know what? As long as the next two months will be for you, it’ll be nothing like what the next four years will be like if you don’t calm down, get your sh*t together, and fight like you mean it. So settle down. Get some perspective. Focus. ---John Scalzi in A Previous Message Repeated, Slightly More Forcefully

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