17 September 2008

Palin Contradicts Palin

As part of an effort to beat back the investigation into whether Governor Sarah Palin fired Alaska's public safety directory Walt Monegan because he refused to dismiss a state trooper involved in an ugly divorce with her sister, Palin's attorney filed papers on Monday claiming that Palin fired Monegan because of his "outright insubordination" regarding policy and budgetary matters. The problem with this explanation: it directly contradicts Palin's own story.

Read the whole thing at the Mother Jones magazine blog in Palin Contradicts Palin on Troopergate Explanation.


FranIAm said...

Arrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh - she liiiiiiieeeeeeessssss.


Speaking of Alaska, which we sort of are, I see you are reading about Yiddish Policemen.

I read that book the minute it came out last year and loved it. It is not for everyone, but I loved it. What say you?

David said...

So far it's interesting. Kinda dark & depressing, but well-written. I generally don't go for "crime novels" that get too gritty or violent, but I think I'll keep at it.

As "alternate history," it's a clever idea, but he doesn't get into as much background as I'd like on why things turned out the way they did (but that level of detail may not be important to the story).

I'm also coming in with high expectations, as the last book I read was so good that I had to put it down after every, few chapters and just quietly whisper, "Oh. WOW."

It was Ian McDonald's River of Gods.

FranIAm said...

VERY dark and depressing, which is the landscape of much of Jewish life, which is also at once filled with laughter and delight.

I am part Jewish and while as Catholic as can be, I am in touch with my inner Jewess!!

Keep at it. It is bizarre, and not at all the kind of book I would normally read, but I found it to pay off.

The other book sounds good, I will check it out. Right now I am trying to do my homework reading for my class, which is voluminous, plus read Douglas Kmiece's book on Catholics supporting Obama.