29 September 2008

QotD for 29 Sep., 2008

On the failure by House Republicans to sufficiently support the bailout plan that was voted on today:
There are lots and lots of reasons not to like this bill. But most of those reasons are Democratic talking points. The GOP alternative proposal was borderline illiterate.

I’m writing this in haste, without a lot of reflection. But the whole way this has played out has been something of a watershed moment for me. There is only one party in Congress that thinks we are in a financial crisis, only one party in Congress with a functioning leadership.
--- Noah Millman, on The American Scene

Maybe there is a silver lining to all this, if the GOP completely falls on its face. Cold comfort, I know...


Anonymous said...

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You're entirely too kind. I'm not entirely sure I deserve such kindness, but I'll leave that up to you, sweetpea.



David said...

Heh, heh ::blushes:: Thanks.

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