11 September 2008

McCain's Ads are Lies.

In the last few days we have seen a disgusting descent into the worst sort of sleazy "Swiftboat" politics. Isn't it time for campaigns to get called on this kind of garbage ?

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pj said...

Fortunately we don't see much of this stuff in NY -- no one bothers to campaign here. We are a foregone conclusion.

Hey, are you in the path of Ike? I know Austin is inland, but be vigilant, son! Hugs.

David said...

Those of us in the Dallas/Fort Worth area will probably get some rain and about 30 mph winds (perhaps gusting to 40 or 50 mph) on Saturday. East Texas will probably get hit with more rain.

But compared with the coast, we'll get off lightly. Thanks for the good thoughts :)

pj said...

Know what? I always think you live in Austin.

Well good. You're getting from Ike what we got from Gustav last Saturday. Still, those wind gusts are no joke. Be careful. :)

David said...

Heh, I only wish I lived in Austin (it's my hometown, and probably the city I love best in the whole U.S. of A. :)

But our jobs are here, and we just got done moving into a new house a year ago - don't wanna do that again anytime soon!