05 September 2008

QotD for 5 Sep., 2008

You wouldn't drink caffeine-free Red Bull just for the flavor. So why would an intelligent woman vote for a female politician opposed to women's rights ?" --- L'il Sis in the webcomic Diesel Sweeties

"But hey, she's a Hockey Mom just like me!" Yeah, right. And if you buy into all that "I know feminists are bad 'cause I'm conservative & religious" stuff, perhaps a reading of The Handmaid's Tale is in order.


Missy said...

As a proud American vagina, I endorse ANY woman running for office.

(I can't get my tongue out of my cheek--it's stuck.)

FranIAm said...

Amen brother!

I used that Handmaiden analogy on my blog but I was swearing a lot that day, still so damn angry.

David said...


Yeah, well, it fit tho' - didn't it ?

And there's noting wrong with some righteous indignation...

laser machine said...
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